Hernia Repair


Most patients are unclear as to the exact nature of a hernia. A hernia is a protrusion of tissue or an internal organ through a normal or abnormal opening in the body wall. The signs and symptoms of hernia are variable and most cause no pain unless the blood supply to the tissue is compromised.

Typical causes of hernias include sudden increases in intra-abdominal pressure such as twists, pulls, stress, marked weight gain, chronic constipation, smokers’ cough, and an enlarged prostate gland. Brisk coughing and straining during bowel movements or urination can also be major contributors. 

Most hernias occur in men, with the inguinal hernia (groin) being the most common type of hernia in both men and women.

Hernias are repaired, not “cut out”. Dr. Mazin usually repairs hernias with the use of a reinforcement material, or prosthetic mesh. Rarely, repairs are performed without mesh; most often in the case of small umbilical hernias. A sophisticated suture material with permanent stretch memory or resorbable suture/tacks are utilized

depending on the type of repair. Bioglues are also available.


Dr. Mazin offers advanced and highly developed laparoscopic techniques whereby the hernia repair is performed without a formal incision, though ultimately, the choice of technique for your hernia repair will depend upon your individual needs, lifestyle, work requirements, and tissue quality.


As a charter member of the American Hernia Society, Dr. Mazin has been an innovator in hernia repair and engages in research in this field. While the average recurrence rate of hernias for most general surgeons in the United States is 10% or greater, Dr. Mazin’s documented recurrence rate is less than 0.01%.


In 1990, Dr. Mazin focused a portion of his surgical skills and interest to develop the Hernia Surgical Specialists of Southern California. This surgical practice has become widely recognized and respected for the quality of hernia repairs performed.