Breast Disease

While it may be common to think of breast disease as exclusive to women, men also develop breast diseases of both benign and malignant varieties. All breast masses in males must be investigated and any solitary mass must be studied because it is considered malignant until proven otherwise.

Breast masses in females are quite common, and notably, benign over 80% of the time. Contrary to those in men, most female breast masses do not require biopsies. Modern day ultrasound studies, mammograms, MRIs, and molecular breast imaging are used to accurately diagnose female breast problems. In the event a biopsy is required, Dr. Mazin performs “core biopsies” whereby no incision is made and no scar results. In the course of investigation of breast problems, Dr. Mazin works in close conjunction with other experts in the fields of oncology, radiology, and pathology.

Advanced breast surgical approaches including sentinel node surgery, breast preserving procedures, radioactive seed localization, and oncoplastic techniques are routinely used by Dr. Mazin.


During your consultation and follow-up care, Dr. Mazin will perform breast exams which are quintessentially important and performed in a gentle, respectful manner. In the process of diagnosing and treating breast diseases, Dr. Mazin’s philosophy is that each and every patient is different and requires an individualized, specialized approach.

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