Ano-rectal Disease

Dr. Mazin is one of a select few surgeons certified to perform the newest generation of hemorrhoid banding and ligation. Using the finest instrumentation (the CRH O’Regan System), this in-office procedure is painless and takes less than 20 seconds to perform. No anesthesia is required. There is neither cutting nor suturing. The success rate is 98% for internal hemorrhoids. Please take two minutes to view the video below that discusses this non-surgical method of treating hemorrhoids.


For those few patients who may have experienced previous unsuccessful treatments for hemorrhoids and prolapse (abnormal extrusion of internal tissue to the outside of the anus), Dr. Mazin performs the THD procedure. This is the most technologically advanced hemorrhoid and prolapse treatment whereby no incisions are made and no tissue is cut out. Using specialized ultrasound equipment, the abnormal blood vessels are identified and tied off. The prolapse tissue is merely elevated into the anal canal and folded on itself. Subsequently, the abnormal tissue shrinks and disappears.


Dr. Mazin will discuss all suitable treatment options with you, thereby allowing you and him to decide upon the ideal treatment for your individual needs. We encourage you to discuss your concerns.

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